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I am a Ph.D student, working with Dr. Christoph Csallner at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Office: ERB 509 (in the Engineering Research Building)
Lab: Software Engineering Lab, ERB 513, Phone: 817-272-5134
Resume: [PDF]

Research Interest(s): Software Engineering - Program Analysis, Automated Testing, Symbolic Execution, Mock Class Generation.


  • Generating test cases for programs that are coded against interfaces and annotations (ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), 2014)
    Some code can only be invoked and tested with instances of classes that don't yet exist. However state-of-the-art test case generators such as Randoop and Pex do not generate such classes and therefore cannot cover such code. This article extends our WODA 2010 paper on generating (mock) classes during dynamic symbolic execution. This article adds a survey of third-party applications and extends the approach to generating annotations. Our implementation in Dsc covered code that state-of-the-art tools could not cover.

  • Dsc+Mock: A test case + mock class generator in support of coding against interfaces (Proc. 8th International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA), 2010)
    Dsc+Mock is a dynamic symbolic test case generator that can reason about type constraints and can generate mock classes that satisfy such constraints. Our prototype implementation achieved higher code coverage than related test case generators that do not generate mock classes, such as Pex.


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